With rapid growth in wireless demand continuing to explode over the next five years, planning for the future of wireless starts now. 

Fifth-generation (5G) wireless is the latest advancement in wireless technology. 5G wireless is exponentially faster, but how it achieves that speed is different than prior generations. The increase in speed and decrease in latency creates new possibilities for transformation and innovation in patient care. 

“For good reason, wireless connectivity is often called “the fourth utility.” Smartphones and “connectedness” are now a way of life. That expectation of connectedness does not end at the doors of a hospital. Patients, families, staff and, especially, doctors want and often expect to have fast access to wireless service, on-demand video streaming and a bevy of personalized applications. ”

All that voice-data-internet convergence takes a lot of bandwidth. Major wireless providers are constantly upgrading their networks to add frequencies and technologies to rise to seemingly insatiable demands for mobile data. Both facility owners and cellular providers have been challenged with keeping up with the rapid growth and need for increased throughput at the mobile level. 

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