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Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery crews have successfully managed thousands of broadband infrastructure recovery efforts, armed with effective contingency strategies.

We proactively identify potential challenges and equip our clients with the tools and knowledge to navigate unforeseen events. By leveraging our vast experience and continuously innovating our preparatory tools, we significantly reduce the time required to return networks to full operational status.

Field Response Capabilities:

  • Antenna Repair/Site Restoration/Generator Installation:
    • Rapid deployment within 8 hours.
    • Additional specialized teams available within 74 hours.
    • Diverse expertise across all crew members.
  • Fuel Service:
    • 20,000-gallon fuel dispatch capability within 8 hours.
    • Flexible fuel delivery with mobile and drop tank options.
  • Logistics and Support:
    • Establishment of base camps for operations.
    • Provision of emergency communication solutions.
    • A comprehensive range of expertise including:
    • Electrical engineering and repairs.
    • Civil engineering solutions.
    • Specialized cell tower repair and maintenance.

At TechConstruction, we are dedicated to providing swift, effective disaster recovery services for broadband infrastructures, ensuring minimal downtime and rapid restoration.