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Lines and Antennas Installation

TechConstruction prioritizes employing skilled crews dedicated to maintaining high safety and quality standards. All our crew members are certified in critical areas like fall safety, CPR & First Aid, OSHA 10 & 30 and RF Hazards. Additionally, they possess training and certification in sweep, PIM and fiber testing. We are committed to ongoing training for both new and existing staff, ensuring top-tier customer service and experience. At TechConstruction, every service we offer is executed with the utmost emphasis on safety.

Fast Crew Deployment

Safety First

High-Quality Execution

Reliable Uptime

Consistent wireless service reliability.

Attention to detail ensures each antenna and line installation is performed properly and in accordance with customer and manufacturer specifications, as well as rigid standards of safety and excellence. Our crews are trained and certified with today’s most prevalent OEM’s equipment and are equipped with appropriate tools tools to ensure the installation is done accurately from the begining to the end.

TechConstruction is the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) member, a non-profit entity committed to advancing safety, education, and industry standards in tower erection, servicing, and maintenance. For more than two decades, NATE has stood as the foremost authority in advocating for safety, established standards, educational initiatives, and consistent practices and procedures in the industry.