Project Information
Luka Mucic
Equipment setup
Complete Date:
25 January, 2023
Project Location:
258 Dancing Street, USA
Project Brief

Equipment setup

Our company recently had the privilege of setting up office equipment for Vodafone. This collaboration allowed us to showcase our expertise in ensuring that every piece of equipment, from printers to computers, was perfectly integrated and ready for Vodafone's dynamic workspace.

Working with such an iconic brand like Vodafone was both exciting and challenging. We were committed to delivering the highest quality service to meet Vodafone's exacting standards. It was a testament to our team's dedication and professionalism that we were entrusted with such a significant task.

Project Important Checklist

Constructed By

Elevate Construction Management

25 Helano, 145 City Road New Town DD14, USA

Elevate Industrial Constructors Inc: Elevate Industrial Fabrication Inc.

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